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Power Of The TwitterChat: 10 Valuable Reasons Why

The Power of the TwitterChat was an agenda item at the Socialize Toronto conference (#socializeconf) I attended recently. It was great to have this discussion in a very diverse group. I personally had not appreciated the value of TwitterChats until I attended them myself. Although I have spent significant time on-line, the idea of “140 character chats” did not really sit with me. “What can I possibly gain when I have to limit my opinions and thoughts to 140 characters in a TwitterChat?” Well, since that bias thinking, I have tweeted my way through countless conferences and have been totally engaged with both the presenters and other tweets. So what is the difference! As a result, I started to attend TwitterChats and now I am hooked! TwitterChats are so valuable- oh my! The selections are amazing. You get to meet new people in different sectors, functions and generations. I recently attended the GenYchat- fascinating. Now why are Twitterchats of value? I mined the richness of the conversation at the conference with my own thoughts.

Here are 10 reasons why TwitterChats are of value:

  1. They generate new ideas to support your interest or business.
  2. You can collect answers or ideas to solve problems from a group of experts.
  3. You can learn about a new topic from a subject matter expert or Thought-Leader.
  4. You can build relationships within and outside your field – thereby increasing the size and reach of your network.
  5. You can build relationships with your target audience on a level that is more personal in a TwitterChat. Now that is powerful! Heelloo!
  6. You can increase your exposure– it could be your personal and/or business brand.
  7. You can use it as a resource to gather key information- a wealth of information is generated during TwitterChats which can be mined for valuable content.
  8. You can take the opportunity to listen to needs, wants which can potentially be leads.
  9. You can build a community by moderating your own TwitterChats.
  10. You can build credibility– you can increase awareness of the value you bring to the table (soft sell).
  11. You can build your own Thought-Leadership.

Ok that was 11. One extra pearl for reading my post! 🙂 You must admit, these are all valuable points to succeed both as an entrepreneur or business. It is currently so under-rated. Big mistake.

Twebevent has a listing of a number of upcoming TwitterChats. There are excellent articles below that
highlight great chats that you could consider. I personally attend a number of TwitterChats they include #AtomicChat (Content Marketing) with @Atomic_Reach; #EAvchat (Empire Avenue) with @MQTodd; Toolschat (best of Twitter tools) with @MQTodd; more recently #GenYchat with @WriterChanelle and I have added #Bizforum with @SamFioella to my schedule.

So join a TwitterChat , or better still you why not consider moderating one.

Here are a few tips if you decide to join or moderate a TwitterChat:

  • TwitterChats are about the community- so treat it accordingly
  • Some TwitterChats have guidelines- so you may want to review prior to the chat by contacting the moderator.
  • Advise your followers that you will be joining a TwitterChat (the same is true if you tweet at conferences)
  • Introduce yourself with a hello at the beginning of a chat. Actually you should also introduce yourself if you are late too.
  • Stay on topic with your contributions.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not self promote (unless asked).
  • If you are moderating- consider yourself a facilitator of the session.
  • Be courteous.

Now it is your turn. Let me know the chats you would (or would not) recommend. Or if there are additional values you can think of – do share.



Cartoon used with the permission of Cartoonist.

Twitter image by shirley williams

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I have a passion to create, resolve and build.I have had a pretty dynamic career that some say has led to a solid reputation as a visionary, result-driven and passionate leader. I say, simplify the complexity, work WITH people and you have a formula that not only deliver results but forms bonds that will stand the test of time. I have led numerous initiatives with a geographical scope that has included Canada, US, The South Americas,Europe and Australia. My professional career spans Biotechnology, Brand & Generic Pharmaceuticals, IBM Business Consulting Services, Healthcare, Retail, Electronics, more recently Mining and now Social Media. I am a biochemist and have a Master of Scence degree in endocrine pharmacology. I am a certified practitioner and professional in Change Management (Prosci), Project Management (PMP/PMI) and Social Media (OMCP, Online Marketing Certified Professional). So that makes my full title to be: Shirley Williams, MSc. PMP. CMC. OCMP. Having spent many years in the LifeSciences (you can check my career profile on Linkedin ) I have now directed my attention to bridging strategy and goals with social media. Loving it! In fact I am passionate about it. I have also produced and currently host my own internet radio show. My programs to-date have included Rise Of The Patient and Give Startups A Chance. I consider myself as an Experience Enabler. I facilitate and advocate for improved experience from the consumer perspective. Thank you for stopping by to check me out!


17 thoughts on “Power Of The TwitterChat: 10 Valuable Reasons Why

  1. Shirley, thank you for mentioning us in your chat, we are so honored to be in great company! And thank you for always attending #AtomicChat. You always produce great questions and comments, which always amps up our weekly discussions. Can’t wait to get you on as one of our guest speakers in the near future – if you’re still interested. Keep on the rockin’ the content marketing world, chat soon! 🙂

    Posted by Atomic Reach (@Atomic_Reach) | February 3, 2012, 1:05 pm
    • It is a pleasure! In such a short time your community has provided not only harvesting quality content on your site but the chats are great! Keep it up!…. so anyone reading this> join #AtomicChat on Mondays at 9pm EST

      Posted by Shirley Williams | February 3, 2012, 1:31 pm
  2. Thanks for sharing – tweet chat is relatively new to me, and I’m learning by participating. Hopefully, I’ll confirm every item listed in your summary.

    Posted by TaxCoach | February 3, 2012, 4:45 pm
    • Nicolas, it is good to see you here! As I mentioned above, I was a skeptic in the beginning and keeping up with the comments were a challenge but then I realized I got good at it. It really increased the breath of my audience and I certainly have made good connections because of it. I love learning – so I tend to choose those that I can learn from and ask questions. I also stick with the one’s where there is a sense of inclusion- which is very important for me. Let me know how you do. Would love to hear.

      Posted by Shirley Williams | February 3, 2012, 5:07 pm
  3. Excellent! I love the simple execution
    And I am learning so much from tweet chat as well. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Posted by Val Boaten | February 4, 2012, 9:41 pm
  4. Shirley,
    Thank you so much for including #GenYChat in your post. I hope it continues to be a place where you can both gain and share insight as we speak to issues that cut across all generations.

    I’m so glad you made the statement about putting away the bias and allowing yourself to learn 140 characters at a time. Twitter chats can be educational because people are forced to cut the jargon. Whether you send one tweet or multiple tweets, you can get your point across in any style you choose. If a person is really paying attention to you, they won’t miss the point and will want to follow you because you share good conversation.

    Posted by Chanelle | February 6, 2012, 4:03 pm
    • Chanelle!

      How lovely to see you here! You are so welcome. I am thrilled to be part of your sessions.

      You make a great point! You are absolutely right- you are forced to get to the point and heart of the matter with the 140 cut-off.

      Thank you for visiting my “block” in social media!

      Posted by Shirley Williams | February 6, 2012, 5:09 pm
  5. I’d like to add 2 valuable resources to this great post. Check out Andrew Spong’s post How to host a tweet chat

    For people interested in finding health-related chats be sure to reference this index by There are tweet chats by disease, by health discipline, and of course the family of health care social media (#hcsm) chats by country or region.

    Tweetchats are a great entry into understanding the value of Twitter and give you direct access to a ready-made group of people with a common interest to help you build your social capital.

    Posted by Colleen Young | February 18, 2012, 11:21 pm


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