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#SMWTO: The 10 Best Quotes To Live By In Social Media [Creating Wildfires Panel]

The week of February 13th was Social Media Week in Toronto and what a week! Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique global program, offering a series of activities and conversations around the globe on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industry sectors.  In its third year, Social Media Week has expanded to 21 cities including  Toronto! I attended and volunteered in Toronto. We had over 100 events across the city – talking social media to our heart’s content. I would like to take the opportunity to share key messages from three of the events.

This post is the first of three:

The Best 10 Quotes  To Live by In Social Media: From The Creating WildFires Panel

Liz Strauss,  Sam Fiorella & Sean Moffitt

1. “Building a community is not the equivalent as building a customer base”.

    • Building a community is a network and is long-term. A customer base is a group of potential buyers.

2. “Online is real life.”

    • Your messages are published and broadcasted- this needs to be understood.

3. “Whenever you are righteous, you are wrong!”

4. “Negative feedback is great for brands – it is an opportunity to turn detractors into fans”

    • People who criticize are passionate- you can redirect that energy around to create a brand evangelist.

5. “What’s the value of an influence score, if you don’t have a relationship?”

    •  Numbers do not replace the relationship
    •  Not every influencer is a match to what you are doing ;you have to have a win-win scenario.

6. “When dealing with bad tweets a simple “Thank You” is the best response.”

    • Thank- yous diffuses any kind of ill-intent.

7. “Corporations don’t own their brand anymore -it belongs to the  people now!”

    • Today people tend to believe the experience of their friends rather than the associated corporation.

8. “The Internet destroyed “location location location”~  it is now  “solution solution solution.””

9. “The future of social media will be where local businesses will learn to reclaim their local business”

    •  Mobile is allowing people to get their geographic niche back

10. “Social business is about culture ~ social media is the tool.”

Words of wisdom from a very dynamic and passionate panel. So think globally, act locally but don’t panic. Enjoy the ride. We live in exciting times!

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About Shirley Williams

I have a passion to create, resolve and build.I have had a pretty dynamic career that some say has led to a solid reputation as a visionary, result-driven and passionate leader. I say, simplify the complexity, work WITH people and you have a formula that not only deliver results but forms bonds that will stand the test of time. I have led numerous initiatives with a geographical scope that has included Canada, US, The South Americas,Europe and Australia. My professional career spans Biotechnology, Brand & Generic Pharmaceuticals, IBM Business Consulting Services, Healthcare, Retail, Electronics, more recently Mining and now Social Media. I am a biochemist and have a Master of Scence degree in endocrine pharmacology. I am a certified practitioner and professional in Change Management (Prosci), Project Management (PMP/PMI) and Social Media (OMCP, Online Marketing Certified Professional). So that makes my full title to be: Shirley Williams, MSc. PMP. CMC. OCMP. Having spent many years in the LifeSciences (you can check my career profile on Linkedin ) I have now directed my attention to bridging strategy and goals with social media. Loving it! In fact I am passionate about it. I have also produced and currently host my own internet radio show. My programs to-date have included Rise Of The Patient and Give Startups A Chance. I consider myself as an Experience Enabler. I facilitate and advocate for improved experience from the consumer perspective. Thank you for stopping by to check me out!


21 thoughts on “#SMWTO: The 10 Best Quotes To Live By In Social Media [Creating Wildfires Panel]

    This certainly is valuable information that I plan to share on Facebook and Linkedin, and specifically target those in the Washington, DC area since there is an upcoming conference there.

    Posted by successisyou | February 26, 2012, 7:55 am
  2. Shirley,
    Somehow I imagined that Washington, DC was an upcoming venue (I knew I should have gotten more sleep!!!), but now it appears it also took place earlier in February. Well, that makes your information even more valuable, and the “Universe unfolds as it should.” Hope you have a great weekend. I am going back to share your information.

    Posted by successisyou | February 26, 2012, 8:03 am
    • I am having a lovely weekend 🙂 Very productive. North of you is the land of Innovation and a Technology hub waiting to be mined my friend. I have already gone to 3 Social Media conferences this year! LOL!

      Posted by Shirley Williams | February 26, 2012, 11:31 am
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    Nice article!

    Posted by purgly | February 26, 2012, 12:42 pm
  5. online is real life, at least that is what the spam bots keep trying to tell me 😉

    Posted by Jason flaugh | February 26, 2012, 1:33 pm
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    Shirley Williams has given us the 10 Best Quotes to Live by in Social Media. These are outstanding. Take a quick peek.

    Posted by michellegilstrap | February 26, 2012, 5:31 pm
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