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The Power of The Conversational Tweet : 6 Reasons Why

I had a wonderful encounter last week that I really need to write about. Now I am going to ask that you give me a little latitude –  I promise I will get to the point of this title.

I attended the virtual conference on Social Media and Employee Communications last week. I really enjoyed the presentation on WorkForce Intelligence and Social Analytics by Yvette Cameron. As usual, I tweeted a number of key points from the presentation  and because I was enjoying it so much- I shared how good it was in a tweet. This is what transpired:

Now isn’t that amazing!!

I tweeted what I thought about this webcast and I got a response from another attendee, Ms Lacey Loo, who was listening at the same time. I asked her if she too was enjoying the webcast which lead to a conversation via tweets. During this exchange, I learned that Lacy also attended the webcast I had presented in December! What a small world! What an inter- connected world we live in. So what? Well, it really brought to life how instrumental a tweet can be in conversations ie conversations outside the Twitter chats which I described in a previous post.This is why:

The Power of the Conversational Tweet

1. Transparency

You have a choice to have either open or closed tweets. My tweets are open and therefore public. This allows total transparency to messages. Anyone can jump in to join the conversation. It means I need to be responsible and authentic about what I share. I take this very seriously. I share my opinions (respectfully), quotes and status. The value of being transparent is that it attracts others who share your perspectives and allows an opportunity to open a door.

2. Listening

What is intriguing with this example is that we were both multi-tasking. Listening to the webcast and listening/reading our tweets. Listening is such an important part of communication. By listening and observing, you will find others who not only share your thinking, but you will also find your audience. This was certainly the case with this incidence- we both enjoyed this particular webcast and Lacey was part of my audience in December when I presented.

3. Engagement

Listening leads to an opportunity to engage in conversation. It helps to connect the dots.

4. Sharing

Engagement leads to opportunities to share each others experience and thereby driving a more meaningful conversation. As shared in my previous post  (S is for Social in Social in Social Media), sharing is key part of being social.

5. Relationship Building

Experiential exchange is a valuable act towards relationship building

6. Bridging Conversations

With the high utilization of Twitter, it is a great vehicle for connecting conversations from one platform to another- keeping conversations alive. It also highlights the importance of being consistent with your message and what you stand for across all your social platforms or sites. Now I finish where I began…..  this demonstrates the importance of not only being consistent with your information and brand but also the need to be transparent with your information and brand.

Now there are some conversations you really don’t have to tweet- in fact this one in particular is best done using traditional means! The act of taking with your vocal cords 🙂

So although your tweets are short. The conversations can be never ending as you form new connections. Yes, Ms Lacey Loo and I are now following each other :). If you are reading this Lacey, ” A big hello!!”.

Thanks Lacey! and Thanks! Just as additional note,, Institute for Human Resources,  is an excellent resource for a number of topics including social media. Debbie McGrath is the Founder and Chief Instigator! She has just celebrated her first year anniversary. Certainly worth a visit.

Your turn- What do you think? Have you had a similar experience?

Share this post to continue the conversation! I hear Twitter works well! LOL!!




Cartoon used with the permission of the Cartoonist


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23 thoughts on “The Power of The Conversational Tweet : 6 Reasons Why

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  2. Have a Cool and Relaxing Sunday!

    Posted by Bob Warren | March 4, 2012, 4:14 pm
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    Great blog post from Shirley on Conversations within Twitter!!

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  7. Very Powerful Shirley. The CONVERSATIONAL TWEET is new to me. It is a small world, and your message demonstrates that so well, and gives great insight into how to help manage and benefit from that “smallness” with technology, a little imaginative thought, and of course the “always on top of things” Shirley Williams!

    Posted by Henry Ford | March 4, 2012, 6:35 pm
    • Hi Henry!
      At the beginning, I must admit Twitter was a bit of an anomaly for me.. As I looked ” in the window” I saw a room filled with tweets that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Then I made an effort to try an understand the buzz around this platform and entered the house and started talking to people- no longer looking through the window. I am in the room. My eyes have been opened ever since. It is a powerful tool, there is no mistake about it.

      Posted by Shirley Williams | March 4, 2012, 7:29 pm


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