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The Top 10 Quotes of Scooter Braun on Socialized Marketing: Branding of Justin Bieber

This week I attended yet another awesome conference: The Art of Marketing with quite the line up. As part of that line up  Scooter Braun  was interviewed by Mitch Joel at the event. Firstly, let me say within minutes of the Scooter Braun interview, you are struck by the level of authenticity and transparency of this 30-year old pioneer of social marketing. His journey is not only intriguing but inspiring. It was a total pleasure to hear his story. Here are my top 10 quotes that resonated with me as I listened to his climb.

1. “No one realistic did anything great.

Dreams and visions often seem impossible or unworthy for someone on the outside looking in. Just go with your vision.

2. “You’re a dreamer or a failure until you hit that big success. Then, you’re a genius.”

There are so may Nay-Sayers and then  suddenly everyone is in awe of your achievement when you succeed. The line is often blurred

3. “It’s what you do when you fall that defines you”

Here is my own personal quote “Determination is the Mother to success”. Scooter’s point here is one I totally believe in. It defines your character.

4. “Do good, by doing good.”

Scooter explains “Statistics have  proved that when a for profit company has a non-profit component, the company is more profitable in the long-term.”  That’s the stats but do it because it is the right thing to do.

5.”Work with people you like.”

Scooter goes on to say “Chemistry is everything. People who would go the extra mile for you but don’t necessarily bring in the big -bucks themselves are the people your should work with.”

6. “The person who can walk away is in fact the winner”

He expands on this point: “When you believe in your dream, do not compromise. Walk away. Use the channels that are open to you. Use the internet. There are so many free tools and channels to get your message and vision to your audience.”

7. “Justin represents HOPE- that is his brand. Small town musician makes good. Fans want him to succeed. Many see themselves in him”

There are usually two camps when it comes to Justin Bieber– you like or dont like him. Although he is quite the accomplished musician his brand is all about representing HOPE.

8. “Hey! Those on Twitter– follow your fans!! It’s a two-way engagement. Celebs who don’t follow aren’t engaging! When you follow someone on Twitter it is like a handshake back “

Scooter emphasized again to be social on social media. So many are not.

9. “Marketing is all about keeping it simple and honest”

10. “In every success story there is a point when you get lucky. It is what you do with that luck that counts.”

I love this last quote. Being able to recognize that “break” or “opportunity” and then acting on it. Priceless.

Those are the quotes that certainly resonated with me. Awesome! Total respect on this side.

Hope you can pick a couple of pearls from them.




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