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Manage Your Change In Social Media Or It Will Manage You. 12 Tips To Consider

This morning, I was doing my usual scan of emails and noticed I had received a recognition Klout “K” for social media. With a smile, I popped over to my Klout profile to find that I had dropped from a rating of  60 to 43 overnight. I immediately thought it must be a bug and … Continue reading

Social Media A-Z Series: E is for Engagement- 20 Tips To Engage Your Audience

You have taken the plunge! You have developed a blog, or formed a group, and have invited your connections. You now need to ensure you have done as much as you can to make it worth it for your friends, your audience. Engagement. Yes, E is for Engagement. What is meant by engagement?  This is … Continue reading

Social Media A to Z Series: C is for Comments-10 Dos and 10 Don’ts

Ok we have talked about  A is for Audience and B is for Blogs. The two together is  the conversation via comments. C is for Comments. It might be obvious but I thought that there may be “some worth” shining a light on “comments”. Comments are how you interact with the  author and community of the … Continue reading

Social Media A to Z Series: A is for Audience

So who is your audience? The audience is the people you are, or will be, sharing things with. Now depending on who you are and what you are trying to do, your audience will differ. Who are these people? On a personal level, your audience may be your friends, neighbors, people who share similar interests. On … Continue reading

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