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Social Media A to Z Series: Rocking the A to Z of Twitter and Tweets

For this post, I am returning to my A to Z Series of Social Media where T is for Twitter. I have had quite a few conversations about Twitter lately that forced me to reflect on my own perspective– a year ago. The general theme of these conversations were 1) “I have a Twitter account … Continue reading

The Power of The Conversational Tweet : 6 Reasons Why

I had a wonderful encounter last week that I really need to write about. Now I am going to ask that you give me a little latitude –  I promise I will get to the point of this title. I attended the virtual conference on Social Media and Employee Communications last week. I really … Continue reading

Power Of The TwitterChat: 10 Valuable Reasons Why

The Power of the TwitterChat was an agenda item at the Socialize Toronto conference (#socializeconf) I attended recently. It was great to have this discussion in a very diverse group. I personally had not appreciated the value of TwitterChats until I attended them myself. Although I have spent significant time on-line, the idea of “140 … Continue reading

Social Media A to Z Series: F is for Facebook, 22 Key Facts You Should Know

Should we ask the question “What is Facebook?” Yes We Should! Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook. My goodness, there is a movie about it – The Social Network. Furthermore, there isn’t a day that goes by right now without some news about the site. So even though anything I write today will most … Continue reading

Social Media A-Z Series: E is for Engagement- 20 Tips To Engage Your Audience

You have taken the plunge! You have developed a blog, or formed a group, and have invited your connections. You now need to ensure you have done as much as you can to make it worth it for your friends, your audience. Engagement. Yes, E is for Engagement. What is meant by engagement?  This is … Continue reading

Social Media A to Z Series: A is for Audience

So who is your audience? The audience is the people you are, or will be, sharing things with. Now depending on who you are and what you are trying to do, your audience will differ. Who are these people? On a personal level, your audience may be your friends, neighbors, people who share similar interests. On … Continue reading

Breaking Down The Complexity of Social Media: A to Z Series

There is so much information out there on social media! It is mind-blowing. With so much buzz, so many sites, with so many acronyms,  the whole topic seems complex. Where do you start? So in the coming weeks, I intend to take you on a journey. I am going to simplify.  That’s right, breaking it … Continue reading

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